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Saturday, 12-Apr-2008 13:23 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Makan2 with friends & hubby darling Part 2

Marc, Meen & Daniel
MySayang, I & Carrie
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Yours truly, my Abang, and my crazy colleagues 'makan besar' at Bangsar Seafood Village at One Bangsar. Warning..you will drool!!

Saturday, 12-Apr-2008 13:13 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Makan2 with friends Part 1

Meen, Carrie & I
Here it is, our yummeh fondue
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This was the decadent dessert that Yasmeen, Carrie and yours truly had during our lunch break. It was heavenly...

Monday, 31-Dec-2007 15:52 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Maia's Birthday

Watcha looking at?!
Heh.. moments from contractions leading up to labour.. Syioknyeee sakit dia . Wheeled into the labour room at 12.37noon, and the real pain doesn't really kicked in until 4pm.

Specifically instructed nurse not to let anyone else but hubby dearest to be by my side.. ramai2 nanti rasa makin kalut nak deliver. Initially I did wondered if Abang can stand the sight of blood etc etc..but again he surprised me by being a very good coach and motivator. Emmm sayang awak! Hehe mesti sakit giler his hand kena squeeze when i was in pain.

Safely delivered our bundle of joy at 6.55pm, and alhamdullilah mommy doesn't require any stiches

Here's some pics..


Monday, 17-Dec-2007 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
What a scare..

This little thing hurts like hell..
:p Sempat lagi bergambar tau
My 'person'.
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Yup folks, admitted to hospital sbb sakit sikit over the weekend. Tiba2 tgh mlm kol 2am terbangun start muntah2 sampai 10 times.. keluar acid semua.. rasa perit sgt.. nak pergi Pantai rasa mcm dah jauh gile dah.. nak tak ndak.. pegi the nearest gov spital yg 5 minutes away.. Anyway.. skrg dah discharge dah.. relax n lepak kat rumah tunggu baby keluar aje..

Nasib baik my baby's fine, doctors put me under close observation in case my contractions comes early and give me 2 jabs to mature baby's lungs.

Looking back, rasa nak tergelak pulak teringat how my hubby panik masa nak drive to hospital. Patut move car forward, ter reverse til almost naik divider.. .

Thank you love, for taking care of me and our princess when we were in hospital. Never once did you leave our side. Didnt expect my abang to help me with my toilet trip, siap give me a bath, lather me up with soap, dress me up, dry and brush my hair.. Uwaa nak nangis rasanya! Thank you sgt!

I love you.

Friday, 14-Dec-2007 14:07 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Home goofin'

Mula2 he senyum...
Pastu start tension dah...
"Dah dah jgn kacau.. I dah nak menang ni.. "
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Have nothing better to do at home, so it's snap snap snap photo time! hehe.

We're still marvelling at the clarity of the new plasma toy..Best giler spend time together bermalas-malasan in front of the tv. We borong DVDs of old favourites (Lords of the RIng, American History X, Romper Stomper.. macam2 la..siap boleh buat marathon one movies after another.!)

Watching EPL and playing PS2 is such a joy now.. and I must admit my man gets upset when i kacau him during his 'serious' PS2 session. I kenot stand it!! Must kacau him coz it tickles me silly looking at his face jadi geram.. hahahaha padan muka..

Oh! Baby updates:-

Am turning 36wks next week (that's 9 months ladies & gents!) and we've some good news! Although I only gained 200 gm from my last weigh-in, our Hannah Maia gained 800gm and she's now at a normal healthy baby weight @ 2.3kg. Alhamdullilah.

To my little princess, Don't worry okay sayang, Mommy will try her best and makan banyak2 healthy stuff so princess can be around 2.8-3kg when born, Insyallah. Daddy pun sure paksa Mommy makan byk ni. hik hik hik


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